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  1. Finding Customers:
  • Look for potential customers through various sources.
  • Make calls and send emails to generate leads.
  1. Building Relationships:
  • Create and maintain good relationships with new and existing customers.
  • Understand what customers need and offer suitable solutions.
  1. Presenting and Demonstrating:
  • Prepare and give sales presentations.
  • Show how products work and explain their benefits.
  1. Negotiating and Closing Deals:
  • Discuss terms and conditions with customers.
  • Finalize sales to meet targets.
  1. Market Research:
  • Study market trends and competitors.
  • Analyze sales data to improve strategies.
  1. Record Keeping:
  • Keep accurate records of sales activities and customer interactions.
  • Prepare regular sales performance reports.
  1. Team Collaboration:
  • Work with other departments like marketing and customer service.
  • Provide feedback to improve products.
  1. Customer Support:
  • Offer post-sale support and resolve customer issues.
  • Follow up with customers to ensure satisfaction.
  1. Training and Learning:
  • Stay updated on product knowledge and industry trends.
  • Attend training sessions to improve skills.
  1. Using Sales Tools:
    • Use CRM systems to manage customer information.
    • Utilize digital tools to enhance sales efficiency.

Key Skills:

  • Communication: Speak and write clearly.
  • Negotiation: Make deals and close sales.
  • Customer Service: Help and support customers.
  • Analysis: Study data and trends.
  • Sales Techniques: Know how to sell effectively.
  • Technical Skills: Use sales software and tools.
  • Adaptability: Adjust to changes.
  • Persistence: Keep trying, even after rejections.

A Sales Executive needs to be good with people, understand the market, and be skilled in selling to help the company grow.

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